GMAT EXAM – 2020

GMAT is an abbreviated form of Graduate Management Assessment Test. GMAT is a computer-based test conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). The test is focused on analytical, quantitative, writing, verbal, and reading skills in English. The test is taken by students appearing for the graduate program of MBA. The cost incurred for appearing for the GMAT exam is US$250 i.e.  approximately Rs. 17,715.21.

What is GMAT?

GMAT is the most preferred test for those who wish to take Masters in Business Administration or Finance. Student aspiring for top universities appear for this test. The score obtained in the GMAT entrance test is valid 5 years. Over 114 countries there are more than 650 test centre for GMAT, it has become one of the top exams in the world.

The exam can be attempted 8 times, which is limited to one time with a gap of sixteen days and five times in 12 months. It is a 3 hr examination that has 5 sections that is logical reasoning, Verbal ability, Quantitative reasoning, and writing skills. GMAT test the students on every parameter that is required for the admission in top colleges. They increase the recruitment chances in the corporate sector and offers wider scope. It increases the probability of getting into top business schools around the world.

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) along with the administrator of Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) have come to a conclusion. Now GMAt exam will be done online and it has started from 20th April. It will be a valid as well as the rigorous assessment, with critical security practices and protocols will be followed for an online proctored environment. This will help the candidates to meet their application deadlines. GMAIL online is a temporary thing for the current application cycle. GMAC is currently busy with creating a permanent online GMAT test which is supposed to come around 15th June.

GMAT Online Registrations

Registration for the ONLINE GMAT has started on 20th April and it will be valid till 15th June. You can now sit in the comfort of your home and give the test. The test is accepted in almost all the countries except China, Cuba, Sudan, Slovenia, Iran and North Korea

The test centers that are open have the enhanced health and safety rules. That comprises of hand sanitizers, wipes for the candidates and essentially proper cleaning procedures. For the candidates with disability GMAC is working on providing appropriate online options.

GMAT Online Exam

The Business school has to extend their application deadline due to COVID-19. GMAT exam has now become online so that candidates can apply before the application deadline. The exam can be given from both Mac and Window PC with GMAC system requirements. The structure, scoring and evaluation is the same as offline GMAT. The candidate appearing for online test will be monitored by the human proctor through live video to ensure that no malicious activities took place. The test is hosted on where registration of the test is done.

GMAT Online Exam Pattern

Some changes have been done in the GMAT Online Exam Pattern, in this version there are four sections – Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment. The writing section is eliminated from online test pattern. You cannot make physical notes with the help of pen and paper. Instead, you must use online whiteboard provided onscreen when solving the quant questions.

GMAT Key Points

Mode of Exam Computer-based adaptive test
Fee US $250 (Rs 17,780)
Score Range Minimum – 200, Maximum – 800
Contact +91 120-439-7830, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indian Standard Time
Fax: +91-120-4001660.

GMAT Eligibility 2020

Candidate with age limit of 18 or above can appear for this. If you are below 18, you will require legal written permission from parents or guardian. There is no specific qualification or any upper age limit for appearing for GMAT Exam.

A student can appear with 5 years and the gap within exams should be of 16 days. The eligibility criteria must be taken seriously else the candidate will not be allowed to sit for the exam or the score will be declared invalid causing waste of money and time.

GMAT Score 2020

GMAT score is combination of verbal and quantitative scores ranging in between 0 to 60. GMAT total score ranges from 200 to 800.

The average score for GMAT is 556. A good score of GMAT is 650 though all the top Business Schools expect 750 for the score.

GMAT Scoring is based completely on its sections and the division of each is given below:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment

The essay is scored twice, by the computer and human reader. The score range is 0.0 to 6.0.

  • Integrated Reasoning

The score range is 1 to 8.

  • Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning

The score range is between 6 to 51.

An error of measurement will cost 3 points.

Each score is marked at an interval of 1 point.

GMAT Score Card

99% 760-800 33% 520
98% 750 31% 510
97% 740 28% 500
96% 730 26% 490
94% 720 24% 480
91% 710 22% 470
88% 700 19% 460
86% 690 18% 450
83% 680 16% 440
81% 670 15% 430
78% 660 14% 420
75% 650 13% 410
70% 640 11% 400
68% 630 10% 390
64% 620 9% 380
61% 610 8% 370
57% 600 7% 360
54% 590 6% 350

GMAT Syllabus

GMAT syllabus comprises four sections –

  • Analytical assessment,
  • Integrated,
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal Reasoning.

The student should be aware of the change in the GMAT exam pattern for better results.

  • Analytical Assessment

It analyses your writing skills, the ability to present yourself with clarity and logic, the essay will be analyzed overall and it analyzes your argument with a methodical approach.

  • Integrated Reasoning

The table analysis will have statements that need to be categorized as true or false, the graph representation needs to interpret by choosing from the given options, multi-source reasoning involves choosing options from a table and graph, in the two-part analysis, an individual answer has to be chosen from the given component from 2 columns.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

It includes basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry questions, there are multiple-choice questions to answer from, the problem-solving section has a greater number of problems that test your mathematical abilities, the data sufficiency requires to analyze data accurately and therefore it is important to learn the entire order.

  • Verbal Reasoning

The underlying meaning of the passage needs to be understood incomprehension, the critical reasoning section requires logical and correct analysis, while reading, the keywords need to be grasped for a better understanding, sentences must be grammatically corrected by choosing the option from the multiple-choice answer.

GMAT Preparation

How to prepare for GMAT?

Getting a good result in GMAT can help candidate in acquiring an offer at the good colleges for MBA as GMAT highly influences the selection criteria in Universities that accepts GMAT.

If you plan on studying on your own, follow the below key points:

  1. The most important factor to good preparation is a good source of learning. Below is some GMAT preparation material that can be helpful
  1. Start the preparation for GMAT 6months before exam is scheduled, as it will give you enough time to work on your weakness and does not end up tiresome.
  2. If you are preparing for GMAT while working, the time required to prepare for GMAT increases two fold. Its suggested that you take online courses.
  3. Plan a score for yourself, set your. Ensure to analyse your own skills before choosing the target score.
  4. Update yourself with 2020- GMAT syllabus and plan your preparation accordingly.
  5. Practice last year question papers and prepare yourself for a computer-based exam and make sure your speed is good.

GMAT Exam Dates 2020

GMAT Exam Dates should be selected crucially to make sure that you as a test taker are physically and mentally ready. GMAT test dates are available all year round and there is no exact date list for GMAT. So, it becomes important for you to check the official GMAT Website and register yourself for the next exams. You must register two to three months before your interested date.

GMAT Registration

GMAT registration includes no fees in itself but the fees for the exam itself. Steps to register:

  1. Check the test centres from
  2. Check the registration date of the desired Business School.
  3. Make a detailed plan on how much time you need to prepare for your exam.
  4. Create your account
  5. Complete the form and mail it along with your payment

GMAT Exam Fees

GMAT Exam Fees is US$250 which is around Rs. 17, 715 GMAT Fees in India.

GMAT Rescheduling Fees

If you reschedule your exam more than 7 days before the original date, you will be charged with $50 whereas under 7 days, you must pay $250

GMAT Cancellation Fees

If you wish to cancel your exam, you will be refunded $80 if cancelled more than 7 days before else no refund will be made

How to access the GMAT Score?

  • You will receive 4 out of 5 of your scores immediately after the test.
  • An unofficial score print out can be taken at the test center.
  • The score can be accessed online anytime.
  • The scores come with an online guide.
  • Scores on paper are usually sent through postal mail.

GMAT Sample Paper

GMAT sample Papers can be found in the GMAT official website where you can login and get access to GMAT Official Starter Kit for free.

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